Education Ministry releases guide on scheduling teaching, learning from home

PETALING JAYA: The Education Ministry has released a guide on scheduling teaching and learning from home (PdPR).

The guide was released together with an updated manual for home-based learning called Teaching and Learning At Home Manual Version 2.

“Both these documents have been released to provide guidance to teachers to conduct teaching and learning from home structurally, ” said a circular dated Feb 2 and signed by Education deputy director-general (school operation sector) Adzman Talib.

The Teaching and Learning At Home Timetable Implementation Guide proposes a systematic, structured and balanced PdPR time allocation so that students are not overburdened with too much homework.

Besides being a reference to allow continuous learning for the students, the guide is also meant to help teachers create a “parent-friendly” PdPR environment so that parents can provide ongoing support in PdPR activities.

Among the things touched on in the guide is the time allocation for teaching and learning, and tutorial work.

According to the “Teaching and Learning At Home Manual Version 2”, the manual was created to serve as a guide for teachers on alternative methods of teaching that could be utilised in the “new norm.”

It is also an improved version of the earlier manual for home-based learning to allow students to optimally follow their lessons.

Adzman said the timetabling guide and updated PdPR manual can be found at the ministry’s website

He also said these new guides superseded the earlier “Teaching and Learning At Home Manual” that was issued on Oct 2,2020.